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I use Blue Magic Metal Polish...can find it in little jars at Auto Zone..( that's what I used to get the mirror finish on the tube across my radiator from my highway pegs) There's also this stuff called "Simichrome" that comes in tubes...I think it's the best...but is hard to find. I once stripped the paint off a metal dash and with alot of work...got a high chrome look to it.

What i use for an initial shine to the chrome at the begining of the season and once before i put the bike away for the winter is a chrome polish called "Pig Snot". During the riding season i use good ol' Turtle wax because it's alot cheaper and does a good job on the painted surfaces too. I get the "Pig Snot" at my local HD dealership. But you can get it in the Dennis Kirk book also.

use Mother's mag & aluminum polish if there's no rust pitting, its almost effortless. On rust pitted chrome I use very fine steel wool & turtle wax chrome polish, followed by the Mother's. Mike Baker
On rust pitted chrome I use very fine steel wool & > turtle wax chrome polish, followed by the Mother's. I do this on ALL my chrome as long as it is METAL and not plastic. You MUST use the very finest steel wool or risk scratching the chrome. However, it is awesome when done correctly. The only thing I do differently is that I don't use Mother's wax. I use some cheapo brand I found since I usually do it weekly and lasting protection is not what I need, just something simple.

Wax works by leaving an oily "film" on whatever you wax. That is why it temporarily removes scratches and makes the water bead. The hard stuff that "dries" when you put wax on a surface is more of a carrier than a protective item. However, there are some waxes that leave a very thin dry "waxy" coating too. These are generally the best. Hard Carnuaba is always a good bet but sometimes hard to take off and it also marks black paint if applied in the sun. The absolute BEST product I've ever used (and I've used hundreds of products) is called Race Glaze... However, I haven't used it in years and the formula may have changed. It used to contain a silicone compound that allowed the paint to breathe but protected it like a thin coating of ... well... silicone I suppose. :)

Re. rust on one side of bike: I would say it is quite simply element rust. In other words, the bike was outside. Left side would be the "shaded side" and if it got damp and left, would be the side to dry last. It's no biggy and easily taken car of. wire brush the bolts and polish to protect. Possible loosen and retighten again using some anti-seize. Worse case.. new bolt set on eBay for $20 including shipping (stainless steel allen heads) I think you will find that they will clean up fairly easy though.

I have a question....... The chrome trim on my tach and speedometer are rusted.. does abyone have any suggestions on anything to do with them (other than replacing with new ones) Jaimie
Answer: Dind't even know they were real metal..try using some chrome polish...or metal polish like Blue Magic...Carefull to not polish the non-chrome

Someone on this group gave an ebay link (2445818279) for KZ1000 speedo covers. I purchased a pair and they look great. They do match up exactly, but have to look hard to see the differance. If you hate the old rusty look this will do the trick.

This TurtleWax Chrome Polish also claims to be a rust remover. http://tinyurl.com/2e5ey

Most rust spots can be removed with commercial chrome cleaners..for hard to get to places like the counter bored holes in the rear rail..I use a old dremmel tool or drill with a rubber wheel head and small pieces of paper towel or cloth and metal polish (like blue magic). Kind of an electric cotton swab. Some of the bolts I replaced with ones that I polished the heads on. ( chuck it in a drill and use rough to very fine sandpaper then a metal polish.) A thin coat of clear nail polish will make them rust free. Spots on the frame can be lightly sanded , touched up with black paint or nail polish. Clear nail polish is also good to use as a thread lock...like Locktight...or to touch up small dings in a helmet. Knifemaker
Try some vinegar.. Vinegar is a mild acid and can be > used for some special cleaning jobs. It will remove > hard water deposits from glassware, rust stains from > sinks, and will brighten darkened aluminum pots and > pans.
Coke on a soft green pad or soft brillo works awesome to remove those spots and minor rust pitting. Just don't drink it when you are done (unless a lot of Jack has been added)...

Never tried steel wool, but you can use Coke with it as a cheap cleaner. My personal favorite is called Never-Dull, can be picked up for a couple bucks at Walmart and it does wonders. Also works great for removing rust.

good ol' turtle wax chrome polish is great too. about 1.00 a can. semi-chrome polish is super too !

I've found Neverdull tends to pull off in strands when there is a bit of pitting with the rust, but you are right that it does a fantastic job. Even on Aluminum... But it is sometimes a lot of work! Coke... Heard it works wonders with Aluminum foil as the scrubbing tool too... Really! However, I'd suggest waxing the surface afterwards to seal it up good.

There is a show on TLC called Myth Busters and they did experiment with Coke as a cleaner and it does work pretty well

Yea, I have the Nevr-Dull "magic wadding polish" and I have been using it for years on everything in the house and garage. You just tear off a piece and use. It goes a long way and it is reasonably priced. Excellent stuff!
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