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I was just looking at at the bottom of the engine on my bike and noticed that the rubber boot covering the starter terminal is beat up and useless for protecting it from impact or water. I`m going to try "painting" it with several coats of liquid electrical tape, when it warms up a bit more. I`ll report when done, whether it works or not. I do not recall anyone ever mentioning this particular issue before. Is that boot available from Ma Kawi separately, or do I have to buy the whole cable to get it? If the "painting" doesn`t work, maybe my local battery specialty store has a generic boot that will fit.

I also noticed that the top bolt holding the external oil line to the rear cylinder head is rubbing against a larger diameter rubber boot or hose. It appears to be the air inlet to the carb. I may take the tank off to get a good look in there, so I have more than the pics in the manual to help visualize things for carb work and electrical harness routing, etc.. Oh well, I can`t ride, so I`ll have to get my mc fix from the three Rs, Readin`, wRite`n, and wRenchin`. :smiley_th

EDIT: This post is an expanded version of a question I asked on sweez`s thread, identifying the weep hole in the bottom of the the oil pan. I asked if the broken boot was available to buy separately from the cable.
Thanks to lance for the answer. Yes it is. Ma Kawi`s P/N 21017-017, $3.65 USD Thanks again lance.
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