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Room for one more?? ;)

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Hello All!!! Not new to the VN750.... bought mine new back on Aug 17th 1994...( 95 model ) has just over 17K miles on her... all mine!! ;) She is Dark Burgandy ( almost black ) and Red, and almost all stock... K& N filters, V force wind screen and the Vforce saddle bags, thinking of upgrading those though, just had seat re-covered! Repairs to date: after two trips to the Dealer for rear end leaking ( a few years ago ) and about $700 down the drain... then one more trip about two years ago for a pluged hose... DO'H... only about 70 bucks that time, and they sync'd the carb's and put in new plugs... and just this week.... a Carb cleaning..... 430.00 later .... OUCH Figured it was time for me to join up and see about getting up to speed to do this stuff myself!!!

To the rest of the newbies out there.... if a coward like me can jump onto the service all game...... so can you..... just ask and we can pretty much tell you how much you'll spend letting some one else do it!! ;)

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There's certainly most all the info you'd need here, to do any maintenance yourself.

Ya might also want to join the Y! VN750 Group< link

Wow, 94 til now! That's a long time to have the same bike. I'll bet she could tell some stories on you, huh? Welcome to the forum.
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