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Though I received it a couple of weeks ago, today was the first day it rained while I was riding so I finally got to try out my new rainsuit under real conditions. Not a driving t'storm or anything but enough rain that I would have got soaked with out something. My previous rain suts and points of reference are a FroggTogg clearance suit and an old two-piece suit in the 80's that was made of the same stuff they used to make kid's rain slickers out of!

Suit goes on fairly easily, although I was at work and able to sit down. Still, I think it can be done quickly on the side of the road if you get caught out. Has elastic and velcro closure and zipper on the bottom of the pant's leg! In fact, has double-overlap at the zipper on the jacket. Definite redundant protection! Pants have suspenders so obviously you have to put them on first (I didn't first time! <sheepish grin>).

The stirrups on the pants leg are a good point. The Frogg Togg suit didn't have them and they were defintely missed. One advantage of the Froggies was that they had an overlapped slit on the sides of the pants, giving you access to your pockets (but, surprisingly, never letting rain in). The AX-1 doesn't have this, so better get your keys out before you put them on! It does have a breast pocket on the jacket which is handy.

So get the suit on and mount up and I'm sweating already. This is defintely not a suit you're gonna hang out in at stops (once you're out of the rain). Pretty warm at standstill. Once I got moving, it was okay, although areas that don't get moving wind (back, back of legs) stay warm. Still, at cruising speed it was not uncomfortable by any means, even on a cloudy 85° day. The recent review in one of the cruiser mags said this suit scored pretty well on breathability, but if that's the case the other ones must be stifling!

The most important thing: Did it do the job? Absolutely. About 5-6 miles of steady showers and not a drop got through to me (Tourmaster rain boots helped keep the tootsies dry). Although I liked my FroggToggs (esp at the price I paid for them) seemed like there was always some spot that got wet. Admittedly usually it was user-error of one kind or another, but it got annoying chasing all the 'leaks' that seemed to come up. But the Froggies were definitely cooler when stopped, more 'breathable'.

All in all, I 'd give it a solid B. I paid $45 for them from MAW (I think list is $52. Most prices were between $49.95 and $54.95 online). To me a good value for the product.
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