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Been searching for a few days now thru old posts about the wiring projects people have done. I downloaded the 'colored complete harness' and the 'R/R conversion' write-ups.

My biggest issue this far is making a new harness that actually works.

I have about 150ft of proper 14awg for this project.
I am not going to be using any safeties, as written up in the 'two wire mod', no Auxiliary lighting Module.

I do not have an ignition switch, trying to mock up something to at least get the bike running, ideally having separate harnesses for each system, ignition, lighting, cooling.
I would like to use air aircraft circuit breakers instead of fuses eventually, but I have ordered a fuse box, as I suspect the OEM distribution block is fried.

I've modified the harness to remove the Aux Lighting Box, and kickstand switch.
I opened the Ignitor box and scrubbed the corrosion off the contacts, and resealed with RTV. Ordered a used R/R from a 2008 ZG1000.

I've come across this:

I unfortunately cannot read most of that. And the Photobucket account is inactive.
It does look simple enough though.
Basically looking for an ignition system only harness to see if I can test the coils and ignitor. I will be getting new plug wires as they are reading 7-14k OHMs.
The coils themselves look decent.

Does anyone know where I can get new hand controls as they are weathered and the switches are no longer reliable in their mechanical operation.

Any help on this is most appreciated.
Again- I have been using search a lot.

Update --
Igniter box reads out of limits. traced it to a shorted PNP Transistor. Ordered a couple at $2/ea - trying that before finding a used $100 one.
- I did find a main harness from a 1995 with coils, wires, igniter etc for about 199 shipped. if all else fails that might be a viable option.
Measured out rough lengths for wires for the ignition circuit. Going to draw up a new one based on my idea.

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Ebay is your best bet on the controls

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