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I just redid mine, and they came out great ! So, figure I'll share.
Do you have older saddlebags ? Are they looking a bit wimpy and saggy ? Not to worry ! Read on :
1) measure the actual inside dimentions of your bags (mine were 4" wide, others may vary). Cut same width lumber to length.
2) soak your bag with water, yep, you heard it...if waterproofed, fill the bag with water. Let sit a cuple hrs. Dump water.
3) start filling from the bottom with the lumber (I used 2x4 and 4x4) until wood is about 1/2 " from top edge. Strap the bag closed, and either leave in sun, or if mounted, go for a long ride.

Once the bag leather is dry and you remove the wood, It will retain a decent shape (especially if cowhide). Treat the outsides with a waterproofing and "ride-on"...(I prefer "Sno-Seal" for waterproofing...more labor intensive to rub it in with bare fingers, but well worth it (friction and bodyheat melts the beeswax))....beats them pricey solutions anyway....

NB...title should read : "restoring"...couldnt edit the title...dang arthritis....
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