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:confused: OK, one week (less) before the Gathering & I had a small (major) issue. I was headed home friday & all was normal till I noticed the voltage was a bit low. Purely out of curiosity I turned on my aux lights. Wow, the voltage drops from a minimal 14v to 12v. OK, not cool. So I milk it home (My baby has never stranded me, knock on wood) & leave it till I have time to get in to it.

That happens to be tonight. So I come to find, one of the leads from the stator if f'n fried. I checked the stator & it tests fine. The R&R how ever was toast. The one lead (burnt) literally ripped out of the rectifier. This is last minute not financially replacable. So I cut, add new connectors & reconnect. (a spare)

Everything connected & not burnt scarlet stars after a couple of tries. So cool, Im good for the gathering. I guess my exhausting question is...

What could have caused the stator wire to burn out. Other than a faulty R&R. I realize its an electronic piece & could fail any time. Im just glad I had a spare.
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