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Hi All

After buying the VN and getting it back on the road late last year, (the previous owner had not used it for 3 years) one of the rear shocks (original unit) has decided to start leaking slightly.

I think it is probabily from the seal drying out during the period of inactivity and then leaking after being used again.

So the question is to find a replacement, Progressive Units seem the best way to go, but which model ?

As the VN is used as a second bike, that my wife can get on (the other bike is a VFR750 which is too tall for her) it is typically used with only both of us on board, with a total load of 370lb's. (I'm being very tactful here in only giving the combined weight !!) the choise seems to be :-

412 Heavy Duty
416 Air Shock

I have not found any info on the forum to the 416 Air shock, they are more expensive and I am interested if they would be better in my bike setup with always having a rider and pillion aboard. Any thoughts or experiance ?

Many thanks

Dave Tucker
Kuala Lumpur

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I had a set of 412's on my bike, not the HD one. If your weight figure is fairly close and you do ride two up most the time, the HD is the way to go.

You should set the preload to the stiffest setting and see how that feels, you can likely go down one notch from there.

The 416's are overpriced and not as easily adjusted as the 412. You can also look at Works Performance shocks, but for the money the 412 is pretty good.

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