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I'm in the slow process of modding my 750. I would like to drop the rear end but I've decided against hardtailing. My next option is to buy some used shocks from eBay (so I don't screw up my own) dismantle 'em and cut the springs. Has anyone dismantled their shocks before? Is it doable?

I'm planning on making a custom seat, losing the sissy bar and tool box, and I never ride with a passenger anyway so I'm not too worried about bottoming out. I figure I can at least drop the 12.5" shock to 11.5". (I certainly ain't dropping $300 on the Progressive shocks for an '86 VN750!)

BTW, I saw the debate on pressure and I thought 40psi was the standard rear shock pressure? I can always jack that up a little to prevent my fat ass from bottoming the thing out.

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