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Going through my many notes collected from the past years, I found these notes, which might be valued by others.

These were originally posted by another - once active 750 owner.

The way I've found to be easy to get the carbs back in:

1. Get the front boot and clamps on the head, be sure to align the marks properly.
2. Do NOT attach the rear boot at all yet, despite the manuals instructions.
3. Hook up your throttle and Choke cables now while the carbs are off the bike.
4. Insert the carbs in between the cylinders, move the carb forward and above the front cylinder boot to give space to slide the rear boot onto the rear cylinder. Align the rear boot marks properly.
5. While continuing to hold the carb assembly forward against the front head, slide the rear boot clamps into place.
6. At his point it's pretty easy to wiggle and twist the carb assembly into the two boots.

It is also helpful to lightly grease the lips of the boots with something like WD-40 to let the carbs slip right in.

Did it this way last time and it took me less than 5 minutes to get them back in.

Hope this helps someone......:carryflag
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