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OK I posted this last night over on Yahoo and only the lovely and ever-gracious Dianna replied. So either Yahoo's bollixed up again (I am seeing posts from a day or more ago just now getting to me) or everyone over here is giving Yahoo the silent treatment. So let me try it here:

I mentioned last week that my FroggToggs have developed a split seam. They came with a 1 year warranty but their web page has been unavailable for several days (anyone, say a search goddess, still have a phone # for them?). They were about $20 on closeout so frankly I think I got my money's worth out of them.

Reading the reviews someone helpfully posted here a week or so ago. About settled on Nelson_Rigg AX-1. Anyone have one of these or have experience with it? Comments or complaints?

According to the sizing chart, I'm somewhere between a large and XL so I'd normally go with XL. But found a deal on an XXL on closeout. Not the color I'd prefer but 5½ bucks cheaper than the cheapest price found. Other than some possible ballooning in the wind, any known problems with going with a larger size?

Also looking at some rain boots to fit over my shoes (esp my dress shoes for when I get caught coming home). Love the Treds that Billy recommended, but same place had close out on Tourmaster covers in my size ($12). Seems like I've read some folks mentioning they have these (WooHoo? excuse me, Yoda was it you?). Any reviews on the tourmasters?


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No silent treatment here, but I don't have a rain suit per say. I have my joe rocket jackets, one is waterproof, the mesh has a waterproof liner, and I have $20 Nelson-Rigg rain pants I got from here:


which work fine.

I used Aquaseal waterproofing conditioner for leather to seal my boots, and that almost works. Sometimes water gets into the boot seams if I put my foot down in a puddle.

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