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I'll throw in my vote for dry riders.. $21.95 and they come in two piece with reflective strips

I got the AX-1 rainsuit from DK. (This is the polyester one, correct?) I tried it on and imediately returned it. Never tried it. Made well, but seemed to have little venting and was very heavy, stiff, and takes up alot of room for storage. For how much I anticipated using a suit I wanted something lighter and more compact
How do I Make a Heat Shield for my Frogg Toggs
Keep Your Frogg Toggs Whole With a Home Made Heat Shield Thanks to Don Schaffer

Here's how to fix up your Frogg Toggs to stop the melting. Works great, and does not require straps, etc like their heat shield. Do not try this on a rubberized or plasticsuit. Nothing will stop them from melting, and this fix won't stick.

Buy a $3 ironing board cover and some Stitch Witchery for about another $3 (It is a heat sealing tape for hemmingpants without sewing. Try a sewing or notions store, or the housewares section of your supermarket).Cut one piece of the cover to line the inside of the leg from about mid-thigh down. Two pieces may be easier to work with. I suggest using pinking shears to get a zigzag edge that is softer than a straight one.

Sit on the bike and besure you cover areas touching both pipes when in riding position and when your feet are down. Use the Stitch Witchery to attach the heat resistant patch to the inside of your Frog Toggs. Stitch Witchery is better than sewing because it does not make needle holes that will leak. Be sure you use a damp cloth over the material when ironing on the patch, as directed on the Stitch Witchery package. This protects the suit and keeps from getting the bottom of your iron sticky.Then put on that suit, flip up the hood, put your helmetover it and ride in the rain. Not a drop will get to you and no nasty melted material.

I am in GWRRA and a lot of them swear by Frogg Toggs, lightweight, breathable, pack small, BUT keep them away from exhaust. Seems to me I saw a post about exhaust proofing the legs of Frogg Toggs. They have advertisements in most MC mags.
I was a big advocate of FT last year, especially for the money. The ones I got (like several folks here) were on clearance and for the money, I have no complaints. But the ones I have are not the most breathable. Certainly better than some vinyl raincoat. But on my list for this year as I ride more (and longer) is to spend a little money on a better suit (maybe Dry Riders so I can blame Dianna if I don't like them! j/j)
My Frogg Toggs are going on their third year and I've never had a problem with any of my bikes exhausts. They don't melt like the plastic or rubber suits. In the summer they are the best, no sauna effect. Some of the best money I ever spent.
I had a Dry Rider suit for YEARS and was very happy with it. (it kind of died from being locked up in a trunk for close to a 1/4 century...lol)
Just recieved my Dry Rider DR9121 rainsuit today...first off...must say I'm not that impressed with it compared to the one I had before...but admitedly..it cost more. This one was $21.95..saying that...It seems to be a good suit for the price. The older model I had did have a better and longer wrist closuer...this one ..even with it as tight as it can go..is still fairly loose...so I guess it depends on how thick your jacket is underneath...and if you wear your gloves over or under the suit. I will likely remedy this by adding some more velcro to it. These are made in china it seems..but the fit and finish are good. Being 5'9" at 140 lbs...I ordered the Medium...so I'd have room for a thick jacket and pants if need be. Eyvonne got the same size...so being smaller than me..it may fit much looser...but you need to sit on the bike to qualify the size..extra length in the pants gets taken up when you sit. All in all...for the price...it looks like a good rainsuit...hopefully..I'll never have to use it...LOL

Well I went to go get the mail and some how the UPS man got past me and left me a package! It was my Tourmaster Elite Rainsuit with Nomex Pants. I am sitting here typing in it. Fits great! Less filling! Velcro is awesome! I had to loosen it up around my wrists. I was looking my circulation ! Now we need a good rain and I am ready. Thank for all the info on everyones opinion on the rainsuits. Now to get out of this before the wife gets home. hehehe
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