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I recently got a J.R. Ballistic 4.0 Textile jacket.
It was a clearance item from NewEnough.com. MSRP $199.99, clearance priced at $34.99
They only have Blue/Black and Red/Black, in size small. I got Blue.

Check it out HERE. They say there's many small sizes left, but who know's how many may be available.

On to the review..
  • Fit:
    I'm about 5'7", 160lbs and the small fit's me pretty good.
    The only thing I don't like for fit is the kind of baggie sleeves.
    The forearm part has a snap for snugging it up (two positions), but nothing around the bicep.
    There are two elastic, velcroed waist straps that snug that part of the jacket up nicely, as well as two velcro tabs at the very bottom for a windproof fit there.
  • Comfort:
    I'm sure that will take a little getting used to, but for the most part it's comfortable. What I don't like here is the 'crumpling' noise when ya move around. Maybe as it gets worn, that'll go away some, yet still retain it's waterproofness.
    At the bicep of each arm is a zippered vent. As well as a vent across the back.
    I haven't used the back vent yet, but the arm ones work pretty good by themselves.
    I wouldn't call this a hot weather jacket, as they do, though. I has a zipped in removable liner for cooler days, but only the three vents for hotter days. No other mesh, seeing as it's claimed to be waterproof (and has past my one real world test ride in one hard rain so far)
  • Protection:
    There's 5 removable foam armor pieces. Elbows, shoulders and back. There's also two sewn in (non-removable) pads between the shoulderblades.
    With the back piece inplace, the top of the back of the coat raises up when I sit on the bike, so I removed it. I may cut it down and replace it to see if that helps.
    The shoulder pads seem to give ya a slight football player look. Which I guess is to be expected.
    My riding style along with the mirrors I have make the elbow pads seem a little big, as my view is slightly obstructed by them.
    Again, after some getting used to the jacket, I'm sure that wont be a problem.
    All armour pieces are somewhat easily removed from zippered compartments. The back is removed from inside, and the others from outside the jacket.
    I have read several reports of J.R. gear failing at the stitches in a get off.
    I hope I never find out, but the armour points are all double stitched and I'm sure would handle better than denim or a long sleeved shirt.
  • Construction:
    For the most part, not bad. The cuffs have velcro straps to keep water/wind out. And it zips comfortably to the neck, with a snap closure to seal the neck.
    I did have one of the snaps on the main storm flap come off already. They supply some extra snaps, but in this area, it would be difficult to try and replace.
  • Over-all opinion:
    For the clearance price, it's a great jacket. I can be somewhat cheap at times, but if I were to spend $200 on a jacket, I'd want a little more than this one offers.
    I should also mention, I had hoped it would pack a little smaller than it does so it would fit into my saddlebags, but it doesn't, atleast with the armour.
    It takes up just as much room as my standard 'Biker' style leather jacket.
    I haven't tried it without the armour, but I don't think it'd look right while wearing it then. I'll give that a try though and report back.
So, if you wear a small size, and want a back-up jacket, I say... Go for it! It's only $35 +shipping (I also bought a cord for my chatterbox communicator and with that, shipping was less than $10)
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