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Hi everyone....
I rode my bike home last night and all was fine in fact it's been running real good since I put a MCCT on the front cylinder.
I went to go out last night after about an hour of down time and only got just around the corner before the bike died.
It starts fine but when I get to over 2000 revs it starts backfiring and then dies like there's no fuel getiing through.
I recently bought some seafoam and put some in the tank, and was wondering if this would cause the problem, maybe some dirt has worked free and blocked a jet?
When you add seafoam for the first time does it cause the engine to stall at higher revs and if so is it best to drain out all the petrol in the tank (just my luck as the tank is full) or will the problem go away after a while as the fuel/seafoam mixture is burnt off. At the moment can't ride the bike more than a few hundred yards?

Any advice would be gratefully recieved.....ride free..........

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