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The largest I've heard someone run is 42 pilot jets. The sizes are diameters and stock is 38. Jumping up to a 45 means 40% more fuel! (45/38)^2.

What was the reason for increasing the jet size? You're probably better off with 40/140. That's 11% more on the pilot and 12.5% more on the main.

There's a sticky thread that guides you through rejecting and how to diagnose what jet needs changed.
I thought it might have something to do with the fact that I had to screw the rear air/fuel screw out so much more than the front which doesn’t make sense after talking about it here. I also thought it might be related to loud popping on acceleration until I realized the clamps on the boots were loosening. The plugs have always looked fine so I am going to put the smaller ones back in. I’ll go back and read the sticky thread too. Obviously I have made an error.

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It's the smaller hole just below the crankcase vent. One on the rear cylinder also.
Pffft, oil leak? I'll show you an oil leak!

Automotive tire Road surface Water Asphalt Wall

And that's just what's collected there since I degreased it two months ago.

Why haven't I mentioned this before? I guess because I also own an MGB and have gotten used to covering my garage floor with oil-dri sheets. But thanks to you Spockster and reading that old post you referenced, maybe this isn't something I have to live with.

It's kinda hard to tell if all this oil is coming from that weep hole though. There's evidence of some oil up there but the majority is around that oil filter (which I give a little snugging every so often).

Something else I learned from that old thread is why those spark plug holes are hexagonal! I had no idea they actually came off. I always thought it was a whimsical style choice on Kaw's part to shape them like that. I've seen other bikes with those deep holes that are round. I wonder how (or if) those come out?

So, is there only a weep hole on the front cyl.?

Also, will it be obvious upon removing the spark plug socket if the o-rings are responsible for my oil leak?

The parts diagram shows two o-rings in that same spot. Would I be wise to just order them both before I take the thing apart? Cheapcycleparts is no more, and the numbers in the original post don't match the ones I'm seeing on kawasakipartshouse. The 27.7mm 92055-1272 is the same but the other one lists as 92055-049 (and is described elsewhere as the 31mm o-ring used on the oil fill cap).
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