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Hey all,

First off, if this is in the wrong place, let me know and I'll repost it.

I'm parting out an engine that has no compression. The PO tried getting the clutch basket off and busted it all up so the bottom half is still in one piece.

I'm selling the top end and all parts included in it. PM me with your area code and I'll give you a total cost. I accept paypal, the more you buy the better deals I can give out. I really want this stuff gone so this is more of a liquidation.

I have literally all parts for the top end so I'll list out everything I can and if you want pictures let me know, but it's all in good shape except for the blown cylinders.

The bike is a 1986 and had 20k miles on it

Cam shaft (2 EX, 2 Intake): $20 each
Cam Cover (2): $15 each
Valve Rockers (2 sets of 4): $15 per set
Valve Spring Set (everything that holds the valve in) (2 sets): $30 each
Valves (2 intake 2 exhaust) (2 sets of 4): $40
Clutch Cover (Right Side): $15
Head (Includes Cam Caps and Bolts) (Intake an Exhaust): $50 each
Clutch cover (large Piece): $30
Cover / Generator: $30
Clutch Plates & Disks: $30
Clutch Outer Basket + Springs: $30
Bottom half of engine(case), will post picture so you know what's included: $100

There are some other pieces I think I'm missing, I will post more when I get home and can look at it all. I will sell it all for $250 + shipping if someone wants it all.
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