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A bit off topic for our bikes, but you can get an oil filter there, in stock. I'll do my best to keep this clear and concise, just hitting the high spots with much aggravation and calamity omitted.

I was way out in the boonies when the pulley broke off my power steering. No cell service, no homes, just miles of wilderness.

Finally got a call to my wife 40 miles away, she reserved a pulley and the correct puller/installer tool and went to pick it up. She had given her name and was told it would all be on the 'hold' shelf. When she got there, the guy she talked to was giving the tool to someone else, and used my part to show him how to use it.

Fresh out of correct tools to loan, he went to the shelf and brought back a different tool. The tool was specifically for small front-drive GM V6s and not my pickup truck.

Being stuck, I tried to use the tool anyway. It pulled the pulley but stripped the install threads on the pump shaft. Being stranded, I tried to hammer the new pulley on. It ended up shredding the belt and the last motorized leg of the trip was run with a spaghetti sized piece of belt, then I was stuck again.

With thousands of dollars in equipment on my truck and trailer, leaving it wasn't an option.

Fast forward, O'Reilly's just called and said they will cover the cost of everything including the fluids! New pump, pulley, belt, even the radiator because I mentioned it may be leaking from smacking it with the hammer. (one year old aluminum radiator)

He said he wasn't sure yet about the tow bill, but my insurance may cover part of that anyway.

I'm pretty sure, by past experience, the other two store chains in town would've told me to pound sand with my silly little problem.

I had already made O'Reilly's my 'go to' parts store, this just cements the deal. We got our first O store last year, and they are definitely different (better) than the others, while prices are comparable.

I'm amazed at how hot my engine got, and still shows no bad effects from it. (new head gaskets last summer)

The full moon was great for running without headlights and you don't realize how few pull-off spots there are until you really need one. I left the farm to head home at 6pm, I got home at 5am, from what is normally a 40 minute ride.
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