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Opps! Anyone else with a funny or dumb bike drop

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So today at work as i was pulling out for lunch, i realized my shoe lace had cought on the shift lever, again. It did it earlier today when i was on my way to work, but the wind blew it back off. should have been my sign to tuck them in. Anyway, i tried to stop so that i could fix it, but i couldn't put my foot down cause the lace wasnt long enough, and i fell :doh: . Looked like a total nooblet infront of the sales guys here. luckly one of them came over and gave me a hand, b/c i couldnt get the lace undone and slide out from under my baby and get her back up. Good thing i came to a complete stop when i fell so no damage was done except a bent clutch lever, which i will slowly bend back tonight.
Oddly enough the only bruise i got was on the leg opposite of my fall :confused: and the huge one on my ego. lol. I guess the statistic is right. just about everyone drops there bike in the first 6 months. Thank the Lord that i was 1)in a parking lot 2)at a complete stop.
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1974 Guzzi Eldorado , pull up stop turn bike off and forget to put the kick stand down get off bike in front of many thousand watching wile at Daytona. HUGE EMBARRASING
Dirt mountain road. Muddy, snowy, slush and ice. Came around a corner and what I thought to be a 30 foot lenght of thin ice that I would crush through and stay up turned out to be a 30 foot length of thick ice that supported the bike. I drop it, cracked three of the 4 brackets holding my windshield to the bike, the left turn signal lense was cracked, but other than that, no damage. Ego was a bit busted. :) I did have a rather sore hip, as I sort of "launched myself off the bike when I realized I was going down. Thankfully the bike didn't fall off the mountain, since there were no guard rails. I was going about 10-15 mph.
Ok, here goes. Wife is on the back. Negotiating a full parking lot. Can't find a space. Turn right and head down a slite hill. Don't see any spaces so with out thinking I start to make a U turn to go back up the hill (on the hill). My 155 pounds could'nt hold up the 750 pounds of the bike, me and wife. Wife jumped off at the right time and the bike went down very slowly. Picked it right up and didn't have a scratch. Clutch lever bent. I dusted off my pride and found a space. Got used to the bent clutch lever so I won't fix it.
Backing my KZ1000P fully dressed police bike out of my carport, about a 1 foot slope to gravel driveway, driveway is uneven and my left foot suddenly wasn't touching the ground going over a low spot on that side, and down she goes, in front of my waiting wife. Flooded the carbs and dies. Picked it up, pulling several seldom used muscles, and had to park it and we took the car to town. Engine guards came in handy.

A girl we ride with has a Ninja and returning to work from lunch, she passes several co-workers in the parking garage and trying to be especially cool in front of them, she parks her bike, shuts it off and dismounts, without putting down the side stand and over she goes. Her friends helped her pick it up.

My best friend on his Goldwing 1800 with wife on the back, pulled out of a parking lot onto a busy street, missjudged the speed of an oncoming vehicle and gunned it, popping a wheelie (yes on a goldwing 1800) and somehow landed it perfectly, but then slammed on the brakes and fell over. Motorists stopped and helped him pick up the wing, which only suffered a tiny scratch. His ego was badly damaged though!
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i love the ninja girl, i try to use the center stand as much as possiable, kinda like a recheck that i put it down. lol
OH yeah, I pulled up in front of Starbucks, a whole bunch of people sitting at the outdoor tables. I get off the bike and walk away.....CRASH....forgot the side stand. Real cool. Almost everyone does this once, but usually only ONCE. Maybe it happens more here in Washington state; I see Rick in Port Angeles had the same fun experience with his Guzzi.
You may be right Dan, I almost did it as well. I still had ahold of the right handgrip and was astride so it wasn't too bad but at least 45 degrees of tilt =)
Was checking the bike in the spring and had it on the kickstand and motor running. Wanted to check the brake lights etc. Front brakes worked great. Thought I would check the rear brake light. Problem was, I forgot I was on the left side of the bike. Sooo, I reached up with my foot to "tap the rear brake lever". Unfortunately, the gear shift lever is on the left side, not the brake. Next thing I know, the bike has lurched forward and smacked my leg. Really embarrasing to have to have your wife come out and help you put it back up!!
I had an almost drop that hurt pride and leg.

I guess my second day with the bike i'm suited up for a ride, pull it out of the garage, go to park it in the drive way while I lock up the door. Either I didn't have the stand down all the way or it sunk into some dirt and the bike rolled aking it thock back up against the bike. Good thing I heard that because as I look back the bike is slowly tipping to the left and I grab for it and jam my leg under the bike like a brace. Hurt my knee fairly bad but I saved it from the ground and wasn't hurt bad enough to go riding that day. So now i double and some times tripplecheck that the side stand is down securly and the steering all the way to the left before I dismount. =)

Oh other than that, my first time learning on a bigger bike my friends CX500 custom. I was dirving it in my lawn (big lawn) And found then I had a horrid habbit of rolling my right thumb under when ever I'd pull the break. So i'm putting along at like 5mph, go to stop, the engine revs real loud cus it's off the clutch so i let the clutch in while the brain goes (WTF) and let off brakes engine surges forward when clutch poped, hit breaks again but with clutch out so as I hit the brakes the bike does a little burnout and tosses me off the low side with the bike on my leg. Friend's laughing I pull up the bike and worked on braking for a few days. =)
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