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hey All.
i know a person who runs a motorcycle parts store. right now he is in a proccess of establishing relationship with 2 MC part distributors and need to make a first order as big as possible to get more discount for his contract.
if anyone was about to order some stuff for his bike consider

whatever you can find in these 2 catalogs will be about 30% (between 25-40% product dependent) off:

thats where i got progressive springs for myself and ccspinner.also i'm getting alpinstar black label recon boots for 110. they are on sale for 125 on http://www.newenough.com/alpinestars_black_label_recon_boots_page.htm

the guy supports our CRR community.
so if were looking to get some stuff give this offer a consideration. if you want to order something put it down here (with part number please)

his main web store is http://www.chromeandleatherplus.com
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