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Hi Everyone,
I'm in Central NJ (armpit of the universe) and have had a '85 vn750 probably 10 years already. Recently picked up a vn800a while my engine is out for another stator change, yes, again. I could not have done the first one without the members help here on this forum, so much valuable info from different perspectives makes it pretty easy going, although the vn750 keeps me quite busy with the repairs, this forum is invaluable in that regard.
Anyway, I ride a lot, not long distance, usually 10 here and there and back again, usually that daily, occasionally 20 mi trips couple time a week. The 750 is a pleasure when it's working right, indestructible in many ways, the driveshaft and mag wheels, dual front disc brakes, nice cool running engine. I can't wait to get it back on the road and toss that vn800, or gift it to one of the family. That also is a great bike, but a completely different beast, not really a beast, more of a pleasure craft. Needless to say I love the vn750, it's not perfect but perfect for me as a most practical vehicle.
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The new format here does take some getting used to...馃槈
But anyway...welcome ! The stator is definitely the Achilles Heel of this bike, for no other reason that unlike hundreds of other motorcycles, you have to partially pull or remove the motor to fix.
The workaround is the Tuxedo mod, which I at this point think every owner should consider.
I鈥檝e gone on 200-300 mile trips on my Vulcan (once I changed the seat)

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Welcome, even though you have been a member for quite a long time. The 750 is my first bike, I just passed the two year mark with it this month. In those two years I have put 7000 miles on this machine and I can say that I have fully loved 6980 of them. The other 20 was a nervous run home after my stator blew out on me during a ride last spring and I was just hoping to get back home without needing a tow! If it goes again on me it鈥檚 tuxedo time but I鈥檓 just keeping my fingers crossed in the interim. I too ride it almost daily and living in the inner city it鈥檚 perfect for the quick runs to the store or what not. Then there鈥檚 days like this past Friday when I take off and did 180 miles from Philly down to just north of Cape May and back up the coast. I even took a little ocean spray to the face crossing the inlet between Avalon and Sea Isle City, it just added to good vibes of the day. I came across the 750 basically by accident because the price was right. I consider it a happy accident and I鈥檓 glad I stumbled across it.
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