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Alrighty, so I had an oil leak and I couldn't tell wear it was coming from, so I cleaned the engine and found it was leakin at the stator wires. So during the process of fixing that, I found another leak where the clutch cable attaches to the transmission. There is a black seal/gasket thing around the splined post the cable attaches to.

Can someone give me a clue how to fix? Does the tranny case need to be opened to replace that seal?

Update....leak fixed: Thanks. Knowing the gasket removed to the outside of the housing helped.

I went down and removed the clutch cable, remove the clutch pin (for lack of a better term) retaining screw (the small one of the outside face of the trans case). The clutch pin slide right out of the bottom of the case. I removed the gasket by gently prying it out. The gasket has a small spring that holds it tight against the metal shaft. That spring was displaced for some reason. I reseated the spring, reassembled, ran the bike for a few minutes to circulate the oil, then let it sit for 30 minutes. No more leak.

I'll keep an eye on it and should probably get a new gasket when I get a chance. $6 for peace of mind? You betcha.

Pretty lame I'm working on my bike on New Year's Eve, huh?
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