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Oil Filters for the VN750

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I change my oil every 1500-2000 miles so it's a waste to replace the oil filter at that point. The oil filter has ways to go before it's even close to being full of trapped dirt. Kawasaki says to change the oil filter every 6k, that in conjunction with what I've seen after cutting open a bunch of oil filters after different drain intervals (on various bikes) and inspected 'em tells me there is no problem at all with this method. The main thing is to do what your comfortable with.

I am using the chrome filter sold by JC Whitney, part # AFG06240X, for $7.99. I don't have a clue as to how well it works, but it sure looks cool. JackR

-I use the EMGO Chrome ones on the 700 and the 750. No problems at all with them. Flemdog
1985-1994 VN750 has a Large Filter (Kaw Part # 16097-1054 FILTER- ASSY-OIL 1987) 1995 on up VN750 has a Small Filter (Kaw Part # 16097-1066 FILTER- ASSY-OIL 2003)

Large Filter and Small Filter 20 x 1.5mm threads anti-drain back valve 2.3" O.D. gasket

The Kawasaki OEM filters are made by "Toyo Roki" which is reported to be a very high quality filter. This is how a high-performance oil filter should be built. It has a wide filter cartridge to expose more filter area. The endcaps are made of formed metal. The silicone seal up front offers a very positive seal to the element. The bypass valve is integrated into the bottom endcap to eliminate possible leaks there. The O-ring design of the gasket offers a better seal to the mount, and 4 to 5 full mounting threads ensures that it will stay there. This filter is premium at a premium price, but it is worth it.

The filter for the later models (95 and up) is a smaller diameter and shorter. The only difference is the physical size. It will work fine on the older models. Mating surface identical. If you have the room, I recommend the longer filters. Honda did the same thing with their filters (same filters as Kaw uses). The large filter is specified for the earlier years, and the smaller one is specified for the later years. The smaller one is used on Gold Wings and sport bikes due to space limitations under the plastic. Some dealers only stock the small one and say it has replaced the large one.

Yes. It's Sunday and you forgot to get a Kawasaki filter, or just not willing to dish out the extra cash. Here are some options that fit our bike (all years). All have superior filtering. Get the longer ones if possible. It only makes sense they usually have more surface are on the internal pleats to catch more dirt particles. Remember, these come is all sorts of colors. I do not want an orange or white filter on the front of my bike. Just use black spray paint before mounting.

First Choice: Filters about 3.25 inches long: -
Purolator Pure One PL14610, about $6. -
Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10. Made by Champion. -
Bosch 3323, about $6.Made By Champion. -
WalMart SuperTech ST7317, about $2. Made by Champion

Second Choice: Filters about 2.5 inches long: -
Purolator Pure One PL14612, about $6. -
Mobil M1-108, about $12. Made by Champion. -
Bosch 3300, about $6. Made by Champion. -
WalMart SuperTech ST6607, about $2. Made by Champion.

Re: Wal-Mart Oil Filters The ST 2808 has been replaced by the ST 3593A.

EMGO << good filter, and good price ! http://www.emgo.com/ Sold by many companies, including JC Whitney:

1986 - 1995 Kawasaki Vulcan VN750 Spin-On Filters, Black Painted 06ZX3164N $5.99

1986 - 1995 Kawasaki Vulcan VN750 Spin-On Filters, Chromed Each 06ZX2408X $7.99

note: I only found the older, larger EMGO filters on the JC Whitney site. Not sure if EMGO makes the newer, smaller version. Perf-Form << also good, but does not have larger version www.perf-form.com J-503 (small black) J-503C (small chrome) K&N << also good, and has a bolt on end to take off, but does not have larger version http://www.knfilterchargers.com KN-303C (small chrome)
Thanks to Starman for this post

Just for grins last year I cut a used Bosch 3323 open (was checking for metal flakes) and for reasons unknown I saved it (actually I forgot to throw it away). I've since switched to the WalMart Super Tech and when I pulled the last one I got curious and cut it open, too. It's identical to the Bosch inside. Apparently this is the same filter (Champion?) with different brand names. The Super Tech is about 1/2 the cost of the Bosch. Apparently, the "Bosch" label commands a higher price...like H-D. MokiMan
Are ya aware of the poor quality and potential engine damage the sub- standard Fram oil filter can cause? I've cut open quite a few and found that my once favorite filter is now built for profit, not protection! Have a look

Lets take this a bit further. I was at AutoZone buying a filter for my SO's car. Looking at the filters they sell, I noticed a filter called Valucraft in a yellow and black package. It sold for around $2.00. They also have the Bosch filter for the same car. So I compared them side by side and I noticed the "country of origin" markings on the two filters. They both had the EXACT same patent number as well as another product code number stamped directly on the filter. And of course they both looked identical in size and shape including the gasket end. So for a difference of almost $3.00, I bought two of the Valucraft filters (V16). Once again the Champion company is selling another product very cheap under another brand name. Richie

Oil filter I hand tighten, spin on then give it that extra little twist.. Getting the filter off a regular filter wrench will do it but if you change at regular intervals usually you can twist it off by hand too.

Oil filter, no need for torque measurement, just make use the gasket has some oil on it, tighten by hand only, when it gets snug, twist 1/4 turn more only. That's all it will need. You will see when you take it off, it was tight enough (it's always harder to get off). Plugs have crush washers, technically should only be used once.... just snug, for heaven's sake do not tighten hard with the wrench tool that comes with the bike, just a slight turn after the washer seats. I would also suggest getting a 'reversable wrench set' from Craftsman (they are open and closed end wrenches and have a ratchet in the closed end, about $75 for the SAE and $75 for the metric, 7 pc set). Well worth it. Lasts a lifetime.
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