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For whatever reason, my used 86 doesn't have a center stand. So, the trick I used to easily check the eyeglass was to tie a rope around the sissybar, set it level, and stick the other rope in my workbench vise. That way, I could check for perfectly level without dropping the bike. Its pretty hard to hold it totally level otherwise, without a centerstand. Or an assistant.

I used generic 10W40 oil. I'm not sure of the advantages of anything more fancy. And the "pure one" filter (though smaller than the stock filter) fit nicely. Overall, its about a 15 minute job. A little messy in my case, but definitely worth doing yourself. And this is from a guy that usually takes his car to the shop for the oil, only because changing the oil on my VW is a real pain. The bike oil change is pretty straightforward.
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