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I just got back from the NYC bike show and have some inforation for us:

1. The Kawasaki display had the Vulcan 900. Very nice. Had to tear my brother-in-law away from it. My sister would have killed us both.
2. The Kawi tech guy gave me a new perspective on the hot-start problem. I ran down the usual symptoms and told him what I had done - r/r relocation, m/f battery, new plugs - but I still have occasional trouble starting a hot engine. Techie told me to be careful not to fill the tank to the point where the gas touches the bottom of the metal neck in the tank opening. He says it maybe causing a vapor lock or sloshing over to where gas shouldn't be sloshing. I don't know, but it's worth a try.
GREAT day for the show - and free parking for bikes. The lots were charging $50 for cars.
-lot of good vendors.
-lot of black leather vendors.
-lot of multi-colored choppers that I only see at shows - never on the road.
-OCC display caused major congestion with hundreds lined up to get autographs. I just don't get this. Are they builders or celebrities?
-we both bought Wrap-Chaps and will try them tomorrow.
-lots of good eateries within walking distance.

The show was a whole day of information and fun for $15. Not shabby!

'06 VN750
National Plexi 'shield
Tourmaster luggage
M/F battery
r/r relocation
iridium plugs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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