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My wife said, can't go with you with such saddle !:itchy-scr
two solutions, you decrease as drastic you can your size :loser1: or change the saddle ! :rockon:

So i opted for the last one.

The project (first ideas):
I will by an used saddle, remove the cover and the foam, trim the structure (easy)to remove the little and non functionnal passenger backrest.
move the structure of the passenger backrest backward (4").(not so hard)
add some structure on the rear fender to support my wife (easy)
add or make a new fiberglass foam support for the entire saddle (4" more)(not so easy)
make a new foam with car seat foam (cut and glue)
recover it with a new wear (is it easy to do ?)

seems to be long and hard !:doh:
another solutions ?
advices ?
comments ?

I ear may be a third one ? Let your wife, ride alone !:motorcycl
I enjoy to ride with her, that's the pb !

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buy a bigger bike , or you lose weight so she has more room would be a SAFER solution. your idea of remodeling the seat (new foam or a new cover) is OK but extending the seat 4" is unsafe. the reason for this is weight distribution. the 4 inches puts a good portion of your wife's weight past the rear axle (not good). bikes as well as cars are designed so that most of the weight is within the wheel base. when a large portion of weight is outside the wheelbase you get handling problems. on a motorcycle the problem would be amplified. with her weight past the rear axle that will tend to lift the front wheel and steering is going to be a REAL ADVENTURE for both of you. so DON"T DO IT.
here is my list of solutions for you:

1 buy a bigger bike
2 one or both of you "decrease your size"
3 each of you get your own bike ( use bike to bike intercoms)

whatever you do good luck, just don't screw with that seat

ride safe, john

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My long term plan is to ease my wife into the two up riding and once she tries it and gets the "bug", start talking about "needing" a Vulcan 1500 or 1600 with the larger, more comfortable passenger seating...
I love the 750 for single riding, but my 260 cheeseburgers makes the passenger capacity quite small, and would exceed the capacity of the bike with her on there with me.
The 750 is perfect for my every day riding to and from work though, and solo riding on long trips, especially with the mustang seat and floorboards.

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Good idea Fergy, but I just buy it!!!! too short, have to wait ....
As you, I enjoy also cheesburgers ;-)

I've check what John said, I'd have though about it at the begining, and it seemed ok !
but yesterday I've pick some picture from VN800 (quite same size) and from VN750 and compare the passenger seat position from the rear wheel axle point of view.
The VN800 is more backward than vn750
I will post a picture
I've made also mockups to put the sissy arm 4" backward, seems ok with 0.16" sheet metal thick
I have also take contact with a saddle maker to see what's possible to do

will see

pictures are online
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