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Last week, I took mine for a ride :pepper: , in fact go to job 60 km (38miles) and on the ride back around 5pm with 30°c (86F) weather, I was really surprised by the engine noise. :doh: and the engine was not so pleasant

In fact it seems to be the succion noise (air intake) or really a lot of noise coming from the head of the engine, afraid I was.:BLAM:

My new bike (1995's) is already broken ?

I asked to the previous owner (work collegue) and he said : Yes this bike don't like very good weather or town rides. :motorcycl

He said also that he has modified the exhaust ( a big hole from the goat to the slashcut), to have more sympatic noise, in fact it's popping a lot, sorry POPPING !:BLAM:

Do I have to adjust something to keep the engine as cold as possible ?:baby:
what oil temp do I have on such conditions
Have I to change the oil ?

Please some advices are welcome
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