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This was the perfect weekend for riding. Nice and sunny and 70°F. However, all my bike time was spent indoors.

Got the new rear tire (Pirelli MT66 170/80) mounted and balanced. While it was out I lubed the splines on both ends of the driveshaft with moly and gave the U-joint some white lithium.

Found the disconnected kickstand switch that was most likely the reason it didn't want to go last time I tried to ride it.

Got my mirror extenders installed.

Got the rear wheel reinstalled and everything back there put back together. Cleaned up some crud from the very bottom while I was down there.

Got the front wheel off and ready to have the new tire (Pirelli MT66 110/90) mounted and balanced.

Got the carbs cleaned out and ready to go back in, once I get my new idle adjuster.

For my own future reference, it's got 23,110 miles right now. Hopefully I should be good for a decent batch of miles before I need to do anything else major to it.
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