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Hello- I am Drew and I live in Atlanta. I am enrolled in a local motorcycle tech program here and have been riding motorcycles since '88. No offense but I am a bit of a singles fan. (I ride a '86 SRX600 and rebuilding a '87 SRX250), but I did own a Shadow 500 in college. Dont get me wrong, I do like the cruisers. I recently acquired a '86 Vulcan 750 that had been parked since '93 and a little stumped about one thing right off the bat, since this has not beeen address in class yet.
OK, so this thing is a V-twin. Why is there 4 ignition wires and 4 spark plugs. Two sparks per cyliner due to the compression chamber being as large as it is? That would make sense. My past bikes have always been smaller and only one spark per cylinder.
Thanks.. Glad I am here. Gonna have more questions in the future.
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