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New Wires with Iridium Plugs?

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Ok, so I bought the Iridium plug that everyone keeps raving about on here. First thing I notice is that the top of the plugs are a completely different shape than the plug I have in there now.

The wires don't come close to fitting. So I guess this means I have to get new wires? Are they special wires? Is this what normally is required. I don't remember reading at all that I would also have to go out and get all new wires.
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Unscrew the caps off the plugs!!!!!!
i got fooled by that too at first and then i looked up about the caps.... but that brings up a new question... Is there any benefit from new wires
If it ain't broke don't fix it! LOL
just a thought.. i may get yellow wires when i get painted
Great, thanks a million.... The caps are on real tight, had to put the plugs in a vice to get them off.... Being a newbie gets real tiring after a while.......
Thanks Pete

Thanks, Pete, for asking a question that I knew I was probably going to have to ask when I put my own plugs in... of course I have lots of other stuff to do before that becomes a concern.

The driveshaft and rear end arrived, so I will have the saddlebag suports and relo brackets, the new Saddlemen bags, the backrest, and the plugs, I'm gonna be busy one of these weekends.

I got your email, if you want help with your own project, even if its just hands to hold the brackets while you drill 'em, let me know. I am double booked on Saturday and might be jammed up Sunday, too, but maybe after work some evening (your garage is dry, right?)

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