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Hello all, so I am looking into getting some new shocks to improve the ride and to lower the rear end. I just don't have the money to go with progressives. I was reading up on Madkat's build and I really like the direction he took with the rear end of his bike. I have a couple of questions though. First off does any one know what shocks he used? I know its a long shot but the worst thing that can happen is you say no, right? When looking for shocks what does the mounting eye diameter need to be for it to bolt up? Most of them that I have been looking at say that the eye diameter is either 10mm or 12mm, but that seems a little small to me? I think i saw somewhere that if you took the bushing out of the eye it made the diameter 16mm? Lastly I was thinking of going with some 11inch-11.5inch shocks, has anyone done this and had trouble with bumps while riding two up?

Thank yall so much in advance.

Madkat's build
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