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Hello, everyone! Basics are below. I'm a new rider and owner. I actually picked up my first bike last week - a 1986 VN750. She's got a few issues, but overall it seems mechanically sound, runs and drives, was in the previous owner's name with current tags, and only a thousand bucks. Best deal I've seen in six months of looking. My FIL and I drove 3.5hrs (each way) to get her.

Location: Houston, Texas
Riding experience: MSF course completed. Other than that, none.
Any experience doing your own repairs: 10 years auto mechanic experience. 0 motorcycle wrench turning.
Hobbies: Woodworking, video and table top games
What brought you here: It's VN750 specific so probably the best place to be.

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Greetings and welcome. That's a great looking bike (and of course I'm biased as mine's nearly identical ;) ) !

Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank Vehicle

Well, not so identical in this pic as it's all dressed up for fall, but for most of the year, I ride without the windshield and bags.
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