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New lease of life!

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I thought I would give my engine a bit of a face lift!!
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This is seriously cool. Nicely done!

The things I've seen y'all do to your Vulcans here on this forum is incredible. I've seen VN750 bobbers. Someone made their Vulcan fuel injected! Buddy domintates Americade with his two gorgeous Vulcans. In a recent thread some of y'all showed off your clever storage/luggage setups. I saw someone either here or on Youtube pack up a bunch of camping gear. I'm missing so much, I'm sure, but kudos to all of you. Cheers!
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The skill set to do all these modifications from a lot of guys who probably just started to learn how to runy bikes and some of them have been around a long time they do incredible work .I’ve always said you could teach your self almost anything just takes perseverance and willingness to learn from your mistakes and learn from your successes hats off to all of you
What is amazing talent you have. I may need to rebuild my motor and I certainly don’t have the skill. Where are you located? Wanna do another?
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