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New Kawasaki ACCT

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I just received a pair of Kawasaki 0EM ACCT I bought them from mega zip the local parts people show them as discontinued. I can tell you compared to my old ones these are significantly in my opinion better than previous. I have to compare it to a 1989 bike and a 1995 bike it comes with a little tool that locks it in place, and when you pull it out that will release the spring in the lower section will drop in to the cam chain guide with a small screwdriver. I worked the spring up and down and it took a fair amount of pressure. I’m very surprised because I had the previous rebuilt with TOC springs and they were not as strong as what this new one is they’re brand new and not paper worn boxes prior to install. I will soak them in oil I prefer to keep my bikes as stock as I can I don’t mind spending the money they were 170 70 shipped from Japan ( 43.00 postage ) that is the only way they ship fed ex so I paid $72 apiece. I don’t think that’s bad.
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