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Yes, I might be interested in a swap. Yours sound more appealing to me and mine sound more appealing to you. Yes mine are completely stock and un-modified. As soon as I get a chance to post some pics I can show you how they look. They are a bit discolored in places. They have never been cleaned and polished on a regular basis. There is also a spot where it appears that someone rested the heel of their boot on the right muffler. There is a bit of black rubber melted onto the pipe near the brake lever.
Here is a piece from the Vulcan verses that may help to clean the rubber off the pipes. I think it was Hyperbuzzin who sent me a link to JCPenny (edit correction), JC Whitney) a while back with some chrome heat shields selling for $10-12, to protect that short length of exhaust pipe. I can`t find it now, but a search on JC Whitney could.

Edit: correction to JC Whitney. Thanks for catching that km60155)

Vulcan Verses
Removing melted plastic from Exhaust

Q: Today I took the bike out for a ride. It was a very windy day, while I was going down the road the wind blew a small clear plastic bag and it caught on my right exhaust where it comes out of the engine and stuck and melted on it. Is there anyway to get it off easily? Any recommendations!

A: I use the very finest steel wool money can buy (0000 I think) and Turtle Wax chrome polish at the same time. Others have used razor blades. Still others have used wood "scrapers" when the pies are really hot to get it off or even a cotton cloth to wipe it off while you re-melt it with engine heat... Others - who I think are psycho - have used oven cleaner. The reason I think they are psycho is if you get even a hint of a drop on the aluminum OR the paint, the surface is permanently toast. Some spray it on a cloth FAR away from the bike and then walk over and rub the mark off - usually while the pipe is hot. Be careful not to scratch that chrome. I have NEVER scratched the chrome with my steel wool method, but some say it can be done. I've done it that way exclusively for rust, plastic, boot marks, bugs, etc... for 2 years now.

Caution on the engine guard. Some guys with big feet have reported the engine guard is restrictive to moving feet around and shifting. Just a warning to check fit for yourself before spending any $$$.
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