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Need some advice on these headlights.

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One of my brother's co-workers gave him this Harley Davidson light set. He's giving it to me when he visits next week, and I'm wondering if I can even make these work???

Even if I don't use the main light, what about the highway lights? (I guess that's what these are?)

Any suggestions?

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I added a set of driving lights on my bike about a year ago, intended for night driving. I was going to link them to the high beams. I ended up running them full brightness on the high beams, and greatly reduced brightness on the low beams. The idea is daytime running lights to be more visible to other drivers during the day. If you can make them work (power and mounting wise), I would recommend more lighting if only to be more visible to others.

As a side note, humans estimate distance by having two eyes (slightly different prospective) and by relative size. We also judge speed by the change in distance. A single point of light (one headlight) is extremely hard to judge distance by, especially at night when it's the only thing visible. We completely lose the dual prospective, and the apparent size of the light is very difficult to estimate speed and distance by. The always on front signals help by adding multiple points of light. Adding a light bar like this helps even more. The wider you can visually make your bike, the closer it appears to another human. It can reduce people misjudging your speed/distance and pulling out in front of you.
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