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Need some advice on these headlights.

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One of my brother's co-workers gave him this Harley Davidson light set. He's giving it to me when he visits next week, and I'm wondering if I can even make these work???

Even if I don't use the main light, what about the highway lights? (I guess that's what these are?)

Any suggestions?

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Can the Vulcan handle those wattage bulbs since we are short on power .
If those bulbs are 100 watt that’s a big draw on the bike and if you wire them up for night use only you might have 300 watt including The headlight . I put a light bar on and I use 35 W bulbs. They throw some light but not really enough so I don’t use them they work but I tend not to use them. I don’t want to starve my bike for power.
Also I seldom ride at night in fact I only ride at night when I go to Americade in lake George
This motorcycle rally starts may 28 th to June 3 2023 I will be going . There are so many bikes riding at night that light is not an issue I can see well with my older eyes
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1 - 3 of 26 Posts