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Need some advice on these headlights.

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One of my brother's co-workers gave him this Harley Davidson light set. He's giving it to me when he visits next week, and I'm wondering if I can even make these work???

Even if I don't use the main light, what about the highway lights? (I guess that's what these are?)

Any suggestions?

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Passing lights or auxillary lights. You need some light housings and a light bar. What size are the passing lights?

There used to be some on eBay, you can probably just use those bulbs in them.

They also come in black.

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Ah, okay. I wasn't sure if the housings would need be something specific to HD lights or not. Might be better off to sell these lights and just order a universal light bar, huh?
Can the Vulcan handle those wattage bulbs since we are short on power .
That's a great question. Anyone?
If those bulbs are 100 watt that’s a big draw on the bike and if you wire them up for night use only you might have 300 watt including The headlight . I put a light bar on and I use 35 W bulbs. They throw some light but not really enough so I don’t use them they work but I tend not to use them. I don’t want to starve my bike for power.
Agreed. I've been considering LED lights, but because I live up such a steep and curvy mountain road, I don't ride at night. So, having extra lights isn't a necessity for now. Thanks for the replies!
I added a set of driving lights on my bike about a year ago, intended for night driving. I was going to link them to the high beams. I ended up running them full brightness on the high beams, and greatly reduced brightness on the low beams. The idea is daytime running lights to be more visible to other drivers during the day. If you can make them work (power and mounting wise), I would recommend more lighting if only to be more visible to others.

As a side note, humans estimate distance by having two eyes (slightly different prospective) and by relative size. We also judge speed by the change in distance. A single point of light (one headlight) is extremely hard to judge distance by, especially at night when it's the only thing visible. We completely lose the dual prospective, and the apparent size of the light is very difficult to estimate speed and distance by. The always on front signals help by adding multiple points of light. Adding a light bar like this helps even more. The wider you can visually make your bike, the closer it appears to another human. It can reduce people misjudging your speed/distance and pulling out in front of you.
The dignified man of science speaks! Bravo, sir!

All jokes aside, this is an interesting bit of information about our sight that I was aware of, but
had never considered when thinking about lights on motorcycles. Good on ya!

I have several projects line up, and the lights will be one of them. I think the tough part will be finding an exact match for this Harley stuff. I might just put them up for sale and buy something ready-made. I haven't got them in my hands yet, but once I do, I'll be able to price them and see what they go for. I'm assuming since they're Harley, they'll be over $100... Who knows?

Regardless, seriously thank you!
My sporty will beat any Vulcan on this forum
EDIT: She's pretty, and I'm happy you're happy with her.

My personal opinion is that Harleys are overpriced, unreliable and undeserving of my respect or admiration. But maybe it was because I had a very poor experience with them in the past.
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So if someone wants or gets an HD, regardless of their motorcycle experience, you consider them a fool? Don’t you think that’s insulting? Don’t get me wrong , there’s folks with expendable income that just buy the bikes for the moniker, but I’m certain that’s not all of them.
I’d expect a little better practice in diplomacy from a site admin. Disagreeing is healthy and welcomed , but words like “foolish” and “gullible” like you’ve used in the past have a negative connotation and could rub someone the wrong way.
You know, you're quite right. Thanks for pointing that out.
About the highest 1/4 mile time I've seen on a vn750 is around 13.6 seconds. Before bought my Sportster (which is far from stock, by the way) I raced the PO with my 700 magna, which is a full second faster than a 750 Vulcan in the 1/4 mile. And he was about a full bike length ahead of me at about 120 mph. And both of us know how to ride, so...
The fastest I've ever ridden any bike was just slightly over 100.. (That was a Kawasaki Ninja. Not mine, belonged to a friend.)

It was exciting, but scary as well. Never saw a need to go much faster than 80mph or so.
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I appreciate you understanding, I’m not trying to attack you. Just a head ups
Perfectly fine, you were absolutely right.
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