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After I ride a while and bike gets to operating temperature my volt
meter(analog) starts to fluctuate between 14 and 15 volts. The stator is fused and RF capacitors are installed. The meter is circuited through a relay. With just the headlamp on there is a slight fluctuation, then when I activate the headlamp modulator the
fluctuation gets more pronounced, and when I turn on the light bar
(from knifemaker) the fluctuation gets very accute. I haven't worked in electronics for about 18 years but it almost sounds like one the capacitors is failing, could I be on the right track here?. I need a little help in diagnosing this problem. My R/R is still stock, and I do have a AGM battery. A close guess of my deflection frequency would be approx. 120Hz. Prior to yesterday that voltmeter was rock steady. Thanks.

Mike Hebert
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