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National Cycle Plexifairing 3 and Plexistar 2

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I read about these two items in an earlier thread and wanted to follow up with a couple questions to those of you who have used them...

First, I'm 6' tall.

Q1. I like to look over the shield by a couple inches...I notice the National Cycle website recommends a short version of the Plexifairing 3 for the Vulcan 750...20 1/2 inches high measured above the top of the headlight. The Plexifairing 3 is available as tall as 23 inches (in their catalog). My question to you 6-footers out there is can you see over the 20 1/2 inch shield without cutting it down?

Q2. Someone commented that the ball-and-socket mounting system for these has allowed one of the balls to pop out of the mount when going over a bump. Can anyone comment on that? I'm hoping that paying maximum attention to precise installation would eliminate that flaw, but perhaps not.

Q3. General question about the protection from each of these... I like good weather protection, like I get from the windshield and full fairing on my Concours, but I'm not too crazy about the looks of the Plexifairing 3 with its big plastic lowers. So...can anyone comment on the benefits of the lowers on the Plexifairing 3 vs. the lack of lowers on the Plexistar 2? If there is noticably better protection from the lowers on the bigger windshield, I might sacrifice some looks to get it!

Q4. Last but not least...does the 4-point mount keep these from flexing at highway speeds? I don't know how thick the acrylic is on these, but given their size, I wonder if they might shimmy around a bit at speed...particularly the larger Plexifairing 3. Any experience with this?

Many thanks...sorry for the long list of questions.....

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I didnt have a plexifairing 3, but something very close, or may have be it... dunno it was on the bike when i got it... i dont have measurements off the top of my head but i can take them tonight but i think it was a 20". i am 6'1 and when i sit up i can see over it easy, and with just a lil slouch you get just under the lip.

weather protection is pretty good... didnt realize how much it gave b4 i broke it(i broke a lower on it so i got a smaller windshield) great for during the fall and winters here in texas, but the summer blows... almost all the wind is blocked... going 80mph with the thing on felt like 20-30 mph without...so ventilation wasnt happening..

lowers didnt do too very much...i guess cause they were small and so high up...just helped keeping too much air getting sucked up behind the shield. you may wanna look at a plexi star with some fatts lowers... i've heard they work better. plus u can pull them off for when you want the extra air

IMHO if you want maximum protection, get the plexi star with some fatts lowers...
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I have the plexi-star2 and I'm only 5'8" so I had to tilt the screen down at more of a angle so I could see over it. When I first installed it, it was the same angle as the forks and was a good 2 inches above my line of sight so it might be just about right to a inch to short for you.

It's possible to adjust the rake angle on these using the standard mounting hardware?
VV, yes it is, depending on where you put the fork clamps at. With mine leaving the fork clamps alone and just using the upper rods I can change it about 15 deg. and 2 in. Raising the fork clamps wuld get you a little more but you increase the gap around the headlight.
I just got one of these today. Actually it was the Plexistar 2. I am 6 ' 2" and when I got the windshield about the right height, and pitch, I find I have a HUGE gap between the headlight and the shield. Is this normal? I can just see over the shield, and its great at protection, but it looks kinda funny.
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wow... i could park my bike in that gap.....there should be a very minor less then a 1/2 inch gap.....
Definitely not the way it looks in the NC catalog!

I'm surprised you get any protection at all with that huge gap. But, hey...maybe you have the best of both worlds...protection when you want it and all you have to do is duck down near the speedometer when you want to feel the breeze?? That's better than those fancy electric windshields! LOL! :D

No seriosly. I don't feel any blast of air through the gap really. The key chain sorta "floats" a bit but even that goes away when I put my tank bag on the bike. I don't feel anything. I had it lower, but my helmet was in a huge blast of wind. So now it has that big gap.Maybe other people have pictures of their bikes with these sheilds? Maybe post your height as well. Like I said I'm 6' 2".
To me it looks like you just got the wrong windshield there Insured...I have the Plexistar 2 also and have only a gap at the sides. see: http://tinyurl.com/pgn2z They make these things for several bikes and from what I have seen the diffrence in them IS the way the cut out is done around the headlight.
Did you order yours through National Cycle or just buy it off someone? I'm pretty sure it is not the one reccomended for our bike.

Hello Knifemaker,
I purchased the tinted STREET SHIELD EX™ CONTOURED WINDSHIELD from JC Whitney. It is made by National Cycle. The dimensions are approximately 19-1/2"W x 18-1/2"H (22"H overall). I am 6' tall and can see over it just fine. I really like the quick off / on feature. It can be removed in a few seconds and installed in a few seconds. It protects the gauges from rain very well and provides a path for the wind that eliminates the helmet lift from the wind. The installation takes at least 30 minutes. Lots of small parts and you have to get the windscreen positioned just right to clear the gauges and to be even on both sides plus level.

Because the windscreen is supported only by the two points it will shake. What I did to fix that was I took a rubber door stop and cut it so it was shorter than the stock doorstop that I purchased at the Dollar Tree, 3 for a dollar package. I cut the piece from the low end that is tapered. I cut a piece of wood to fit exactly inside the doorstop and glued it in there to provide a good mounting surface. Then I got some good double sided black tape and stuck it to the bottom of the doorstop and onto the headlamp. The windscreen rests on that door stop and does not shake. A good fit and the black doorstop does not detract from the looks. Sort of resembles the old automobile hood ornaments of yesteryear.
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I recently installed the Slip Streamer SS-24 Hellfire. Four point mount. Fits perfect, no mods.About $100 shipped
Never posted a pic here before so here it goes, my plexistar II
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How tall are you? Is your helmet in the wind? By the way. you have a nice clean bike.
I'm only 5' 8" but I have the shield tilted back more than normal so I can see over the top better. I can feel the wind hitting the very top of my head without a helmet(or maybe it's just the low pressure area behind the shield) but don't notice any wind when I'm my helmet.
Plexifairing 3 and Plexistar 2 windshields...

Now that my thread has generated 15 replies, let me try to bend the thread back to two of my questions that remain unanswered...

--Someone said in another thread that the ball-and-socket mounting system for both of these shields has allowed one of the balls to pop out of the mount when going over a bump. Can anyone comment on that? I'm hoping that paying maximum attention to precise installation would eliminate that flaw, but perhaps not. If these can come unmounted for ANY reason, while underway, I'll go with another product.

--Do these shields--particularly the bigger, Plexifairing 3--flex at highway speeds? The ads don't say how thick the acrylic is on these, and given their large size and windage, if they are made of thin acrylic, I wonder if they might shimmy around or flex at speed...particularly the larger Plexifairing 3. Any experience with this?

Upper 70's and sunny here today...a good day for a ride!...

-Roy R
I was out last night. 70 to 80 on the interstate. Haven't had any problems. What a beautiful night.
I had a ball pop out when installing mine. It took a terriffic whack to pop it back in. I believe it had probably already been partly popped out as well.I doubt it will ever come out in normal use. Just don't pull on the plexiglass if you need to adjust it.

I've been up to 90 indicated with no problems. I say indicated as I am having seriuos doubts that the bike is running so fast. I got passed by an 18 wheeler when I was doing "80" the other day.
If the mounts are in tight they won't come out without a fight, have to turn the rod at a hard angle to pop them out. I had one on another bike that did pop out when I was adjusting it but don't think I had it in tight. As for flex, I have never noticed any.
The shield I have on mine does flex - I only noticed it because it has a cutout near the brake master cylinder. At speeds above 70, it would rub until I adjusted it further away. I would think it will still rub if I go fast enough but I am not about to find out how fast that is. All plastic shields will flex a little at high speed but it usually is not a problem.
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