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My 93

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Hey everyone, first time motorcycle owner so bear with me. I’ve got a 93 that I just bought a couple weeks ago cause I’ve always wanted to ride and I need something to work on in my spare time. I’m hoping to learn a lot here and help others if I can


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Welcome to a great forum. Anything you need to know about your bike? Hi there someone here all the time to answer your questions is the bike running anymore history this year would be helpful. Some better pictures would be good to you. Have any issues just report him here I’ll see how we can help you.
Welcome to the machine!

Looks like it might have the Cobra pipes on it.
Welcome! You've come the right place.

Nice setup with the freeway bars and the backrest extension (y)

How many miles are on it?
I think like 50k. It’s got a good bit on it
Any problems with it, just start a thread in the appropriate forum.. there's always someone around willing and able to help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts