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I've been trying to scrape up money for new bags (and V&H cruzers, and new grips, and tires, and a flag mount, and on and on...) and can't decide between hard bags or soft.

One of my big "wants" is to be rain-resistant (water-proof?, water-resistant?).

I was almost completely sold on a set of Viking bags (after seeing them in a thread on here...). They are supposedly rain-proof to some degree, and look pretty cool. I generally like the looks of leather bags better than hard bags.

Then I stumbled on the thread for the mutazu GA bags that someone on here installed on their bike. After doing a lot of reading of reviews for mutazu, I think I am now sold on the GA series.

cheap plastic
cheap mounting brackets

I already have mounting brackets
you can line the inside with fiberglass and make it super hard
mount a set of lights on 'em (been wanting to add more rear lights)
cheap enough to buy another set if they fail within a couple years
paintable, without feeling like you ruined a 500 dollar set of bags
not as likely to get broken into than soft bags

Seems like a pretty cool "mod-friendly" set of bags that can be had for cheap and then customized to your liking.

What do you guys think?
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