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I had a problem with some custom mirrors I purchased where I could not rotate the top of them back enough to see far behind me. So I got a set of these: 10mm emgo part number: 20-28121 For reference refer to the emgo filter and mirror catalog pg 45.


I think they will add a little height, plus allow you to rotate the angle independenly of the handles which should allow corection of any face angle problems. I had a hard time finding anyone who had them, finially J&P cycles special ordered them for me. I have not had time to put them on, due to all of the snow shoveling. They were about $5 a piece, plus special order charge, and shipping. I happened to have ordered two sets, just in case someone here had a special problem and needed them like I did. Sempai

Here is my write-up on this:

Kawasaki 2003 Vulcan 800 Classic 56001-1451 (left), 56001-1452
(right) http://www.ronayers.com

Allows good handlebar to mirror spacing, great side to side
visibility- and a much cleaner look than the outdated round stock

Mirror Extensions
Part # 27159 "Reverse Thread Adapter" http://www.denniskirk.com
Use these to raise the Kawasaki Classic mirrors to give your hands
more room and to provide better visibility to the rear. The VN750
has a 10mm X 1.25 thread (like most bikes), but an extension is
VERY hard to find. I found an adapter kit that is used to mount 10mm
mirrors to the reverse-thread (and slightly different pitch) right
Yamaha mirror mount. The 'kit' also comes with a regular (10mm x
1.25) non-reverse extension for the left mirror to match the right-
side height. It's that second piece you use, so two 'kits' are
needed, using only the left mount from each kit. It raises the
mirrors by 11/16" and are high-quality black anodized. When
installed, they appear to be part of the original mirror mounts.

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