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Just about 13". Here is a pic of a set of stock VN750 bars and the apes I am selling. These bars don't appear to have ever been installed on a bike.
There is no pitting, rust or wear on the bars and no clamp marks.
I just bought them from a fellow forum member and I can't use them for 2 reasons.
#1. The chrome just isn't nice enough for me. It looks like a single plated chrome as opposed to the factory triple plated chrome. I would think once you mounted them on a bike they would look great but if you are looking for a heavy triple plated show chrome.. look elsewhere. My bike is mint and all the chrome is heavy plated and I want the bars to match. Its just a personal thing.
#2. The ends of the bars angle down in a semi ram horn style. I would prefer mini apes that are almost horizontal at the ends.
Anyway, I paid $55.00 for them including shipping so that is what I am selling them for. Thats a really good deal. I think these are very similar (if not identical) to the Flanders bars that sell for around $125.00

Here is a pic. I can ship anytime and I accept Paypal.
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