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Me and my 2005 VN 750

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Hello to the group, I love my bike, but would like to make it more comfortable for me. I have the stock bars that make me feel like I have pull my elbows together(ihave pretty wide shoulders). I think that going taller and having the grips more "straight with rest of the bars" with them would be more comfortable. I am having a hard time finding what I want in a 7/8" bar? I have also seen what looks like an extention for the sissy bar/glove box that gives it a more old school chopper feel, but haven't been able to find where to buy them? Any help would be appreciated and thanks for letting me in!!
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I've got some serious bag envy going on right now. Time to take up sewing.
Thanks it's just a luggage rack bag that I found at a local Harley shop. I attached the strap, that is used to connect other bags or to the luggage rack, under the seat and then the backrest strap holds it. It is comfortable and carries a small cooler if I want cold drinks, but it also carries my leathers and jacket insert. But what's best is when I get to work, a quick to snaps and I carry the bag inside with me!
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