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I synched (homemade manometer) when engine was hot; ran great! But at stop lights, she idled higher then recommended. I adjust front cyl/black knob back to 1100rpms but... that means I just unsynched my carbs again: (lowered front cyl vacuum/butterfly) and, I can tel the cylinders are not breathing the same; not so great anymore, (I am back to square one)

Some sites recommend that I synch with engine at colder temp (700rpm). Some even put a (sic) fan in front of their engine while synching. Whereas I have a pdf file that says to do it once engine is fully warmed... Can anyone please tel me how/when to synch a 1988 VN750?

Homemade manometer (2 cycle oil, 12' clear hose, 3 rulers taped up, "T") gives good steady reading but I should be owning the TwinMax soon.

Ty, ride safe.
I have not synchronized my carbs yet, but I am sure that when you turned the black idle spped knob back to 1100 rpm you DID NOT "UNSYNC" THE CARBS. The idle adjustment affects both carbs the same. Without digging my manual out to check, I think the engine should be warmed up to operating temperature, and engine speed set at 1000 rpm when synched.

Here is a link to the Verses for the procedure:
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