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I bought a new Vulcan 750 about a month and a half ago, and it had it's break in service last week. Since I've gotten it, I have swapped out the stock battery for a maintenance free battery (WestCo), installed a Memphis Shades Shooter windshield, installed LeatherLyke saddlebags, and this weekend added a Fork Bag.

I've got a list of items I want to add, including Wingerline Crash Bars/Engine Guard. I found these thanks to this forum, the Kawasaki engine guard doesn't do it for me at all. I have a friend with a VN750 which is 10 years old and he has these, and they just don't look right to me (but that's my opinion).

I have looked at the Fire and Ice Luggage Rack, and the Jardine Rack. Does anyone have these (yeah, I know, stupid question), and how hard are each to install?

I also need to locate a vinyl (leather looking) luggage rack bag, for the luggage rack which has a concho and studs (you can check my personal site to see what the bike looks like). I'm going with this as a theme since the LeatherLyke bags have conchos and studs, and so does my fork bag. I'm going to end up getting a Corbin Seat at some point that will match as well.

Any info would be appreciated. This is my first post to the VN750 forum, but I've been reading posts on here for about a month and it has been a real resource for me since getting the bike.
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