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Wow, been a minute since i’ve been on here. Another update!!

I ended up purchasing a slightly used 2016 Indian Springfield, love it. My 17 year old says he wants to ride so I told him he was welcome to ride the 99, hasn’t put any effort towards getting his permit though. Anyway I ended up selling the ‘85 to a friend. He reworked the front cylinder to fix the cooling leak but couldn’t get it to fire. So after it sat at his house for another 6-8 months I bought it back! Today I found out both carb diaphragms had pin holes, front cylinder was 180 out, and the pick up coils were backwards! Got all that straightened out and she runs! Not very good and the front cylinder carb float is stuck and flooding but it is alive again!!! My oldest may end up with it or I will bob it out. We’ll see! Stay tuned!!!


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