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Hey all,

I recently purchased an 04 vn750 from southern PA(I'm in MD) the bike was in good working condition minus a few apparent things. A bit of rust on some of the chrome but it was light.

All and all I put some TLC into it and the chrome cleaned up nicely. Went to ride it on temp tags, and found a problem in the Electrical System. Was able to follow the guide on here and find the shorted wire and replace it.

Now to my problem.

The previous owner was clear to me that the bike had fallen over on a trailer. the only thing that was damaged was the left side pipe. He had sealed it with JB weld, but as I tested the new R/R wire I noticed it potentially wore off and now I can see the break plain as day. It's also causing random backfires which will fail an inspection.

The break came from the center-stand(near the foot pad) it cracked and eventually broke right at that point.

I can post a picture later, but what I'm getting at is I don't know if I can get away with just replacing the heat-shield or if I should just replace the whole pipe.

So if anyone has a left side Stock Exhaust pipe that is compatible with the 04 model. And willing to part with it. I would be willing to purchase it.

The twin discs on the front wheel are also looking a little worn, so if anyone had a set of those I might also be willing to take them off your hands but the pipe is more important right now.

Local parts would be nice, but if they had to be shipped I would be willing to discuss that.

This forum(and the people that help out) Have been a God send, since this being my first bike I have had a lot of questions answered.

Anyway, if anyone knows someone selling, or could give any extra information, I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Let's Ride!!
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