Hey folks!
As we are all of a like mindset, I thought this should be my first stop before listing publicly.
I have an 85 Vulcan 750, with 47,000 KM’s (no idea what that translates to in Miles).
A previous owner has coastered it. Comes with hard bags, and a windshield (not currently installed).
I have owned it since the spring, and as much I like the bike, I realize I just want to ride, not wrench.
Have swapped most of the lights to LED, new R/R, new LED flasher, new master cylinder, tires appear about 2 yrs old. Had a professional do the fork seals for safety, but it appears he doesn’t know what he’s doing, as 1 is leaking already. I suspect the stator is going, but it looks like someone has already done the Tuxedo mod (at least from the outside visuals).
It has some form of aftermarket shotgun pipes that I have never liked (what is wrong with having a quiet bike?)
Anyhoo, I would love to trade it for something newer, and less temperamental, if any of y’all have something in your stables you’d like to part with?