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Hey all. With the recent part bikes out there I'm wondering if anyone has a good starter they might part with reasonably.
I'm pretty sure mines shot. I've rebuilt it once but recently it's lost it's cranking power.
I could rebuild it again but I'm feeling it would only be a temperary fix to a dying starter.
I'm doing some checking locally to see what shops will rebuild it for.
New windings, brushes ect. They'll be able to tell its condition way better than I.
New kawi's are $300 & used off eBay are running $100 plus.

Still seems pricy for a used one. Maybe I'm just too cheap! Ltms
Anyway, let me know if anyone has one they'd be willing to let to reasonably.

Thanks in advance!

Ps, I did do a voltage loss test but found it to be somewhat inconclusive.
Voltage at the battery while cranking the started 11ish.
Voltage at the starter while cranking the starter 10ish.
Now I say "ish" because the voltage jumps as I was hitting the starter.
It doesn't give a solid reading.

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